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Home Theater Speaker Placement. Rohit Bandri Apr 17, 2019 Understanding acoustics is needed if you want to take full advantage of your home theater's sound system. Here are some tips for the placement of your speakers to enhance the experience. There can't be one particular arrangement of

Setting up a 5.1 home theater speaker system can be as easy as 1-2-3. Check out this video and article for expert help with speaker placement to get the best out of your 5.1 speaker system!

Give them about two to three feet of space. In general, when speakers sit too close to walls (especially corners), they can reflect sound off of surfaces as well as exhibit an over-amplified bass response, making the bass sound too loud and/or boomy. Don't orient the speakers so that they're completely parallel to each other.

Let's look at 5 big mistakes you're making when it comes to speaker placement and how to fix them. Mistake #1: Your center speaker isn't at ear level. The center channel speaker projects the dialogue and is one of the most important speakers of your home theater system.

With 5.1 there are two basic home theater speaker placement configurations: the recommended configuration and the "drop back and punt" configuration. It's not that the second configuration is awful, but it's not what will best reproduce 5.1 surround as it was mixed.

Speaker Placement for Surround Sound Surround sound means a sound that surrounds the listener from a complete angle of 360°. Actually, everyone loves the best sound system. Surround sound provides a home theater environment.

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